Mondi Lindlar Improves Quality with High-Definition Flexo Printing



ROCHESTER, N.Y., Nov. 21—Mondi Lindlar, the German manufacturer of flexible packaging and packaging materials, has achieved its goal of a breakthrough improvement in flexo packaging quality thanks to Kodak Flexcel NX Plates and optimized printing process parameters.

Quality breakthrough in flexo packaging

Attractive packaging is vital for products to stand out and appeal to customers at the point of sale. Mondi Lindlar GmbH, a subsidiary of the Consumer Bags division that is part of the Mondi international paper and packaging corporation, was aiming to significantly improve its flexo printing quality for this reason. At the same time, the company hoped to profit from the new flexibility and offer a greater variety of packaging designs, along with shorter runs. Mondi Consumer Bags manufactures high-quality plastic and paper-based pouches, as well as rolls used to make packaging, chiefly for foodstuffs, animal fodder and non-food products.

“Our customers expect a high level of flexibility and excellent print quality in ever-shorter lead times,” said Stefan Gutheil, Managing Director, Mondi Consumer Bags. “The combination of Flexcel NX Plates and the optimization of various printing process parameters have allowed the Mondi facility in Lindlar to upgrade its flexo packaging quality in line with its ambitious vision.”

Dot-for-dot improvement

Thanks to the ultra-high definition of KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology, KODAK DIGICAP NX Screening is also supported.

DIGICAP NX Screening enables a major step forward in ink transfer efficiency through the application of a micro surface texturization pattern to the surface of all elements on the FLEXCEL NX Plate. Print applications that traditionally struggle with efficient ink transfer can now enjoy higher print densities, smooth solid area ink coverage and expanded color gamut with process printing. The unique platemaking process accounts for a further advantage of FLEXCEL NX Plates: the elements on the plate are sharp and well defined and have a flat top dot structure so that variations in dot gain are reduced.

Collaboration spurs high-quality print results

The Flexcel NX Plates can deliver more vibrant colors and a larger color gamut compared to conventional flexo printing. The options to reduce the number of colors mean more design latitude is available, as another color can now be assigned to the freed-up print station.

In collaboration with several partners, including manufacturers of anilox rollers and sticky-back plate mounting tape, the printing process parameters have been optimized to realize the print quality potential in everyday production. “Whereas our conventional screens had 105lpi on average, this figure is now up to 175. The feedback from our customers regarding the superior results is unanimously positive, and we've noticed a sharp rise in demand,” said Gutheil.

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