Newspaper CTP

Whether you’re looking for a fully-automated, high-speed CTP system, an affordable entry into CTP, or something in between, Kodak has a complete CTP solution to match the needs of every newspaper printer.

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Model   Speed Automation Resolution
GENERATION NEWS Platesetter GENERATION NEWS Platesetter Z speed: 300 pph 
X speed: 250 pph 
V speed: 200 pph
Automatic slip sheet removal Up to 4 cassettes Up to 1,600 plates online Up to 4 plate formats online

Standard: 1200 or 1270 dpi 

Optional: 2400 or 2540 dpi (V speed only)

TRENDSETTER NEWS Platesetter TRENDSETTER NEWS Platesetter V-AL: 150 pph F-AL: 110 pph S-AL: 80 pph S-AU: 80 pph S: 80 pph Semi-automatic Or, Auto Unload Or, Autoloader with 1 cassette with up to 250 plates online Standard: 1200 or 1270 dpi Optional (N/A for V-AL): 2400/1200 or 2540/1270 dpi

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