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    SONORA Plate Green Leaf Award Winner - Alfa-Design

    Green Leaf Award - Alfa-Design

    Alfa-Design, located in Moscow, Russia, was founded in 1994.  It is one of the leading print operations in the country and specialises in advertising printing, souvenirs, printing, design, and production diaries. It offers a diverse range of products and services including special types of printing, such as pad printing, to create branded packaging and quality print from a five-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 74, a two-colour Heidelberg GTO 52 and Heidelberg Quickmaster 46, as well as a ten-colour MANROLAND 510. Alfa-Design has an extensive client base including well-known operations as well as medium and small companies.

    Alfa-Design prides itself on its environmental position. The company has defined clear environmental performance goals and regularly measures its performance against these goals. The company was given Chain of Custody certification for FSC, and has also received accreditation from the Rainforest Alliance.

    Alfa-Design monitors both energy and water usage and is actively working to reduce their energy and water consumption. For instance, the company is taking advantage of equipment features such as automatic power down and has also upgraded to energy-efficient equipment. Using KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates saves both energy and water by removing the need for a separate plate processing step and equipment. SONORA XP Plates have also enabled Alfa-Design to eliminate processing chemistry from their operation.

    Recycling is an important part of Alfa-Design’s environmental program. The company recycles 100% of their paper and aluminum waste, and also recycles packaging and chemistry waste. The company sends their recycling reports on a regular basis to the appropriate department in the Moscow government.

    In addition, Alfa-Design prints with alcohol-free solvents and uses recycled paper and vegetable-based inks.

    Alfa-Design actively promotes sustainability, and encourages their customers to be environmentally responsible as well. The company is one of the organizers of a conference titled “Green Technology – Your Key to Success,” and is a regular contributor in “Format” Magazine.

    Congratulations to Alfa-Design for all their work to improve sustainability in the print industry! Alfa-Design truly deserves to win the SONORA Plate Green Leaf Award.

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    Published: December 10, 2013
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