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Energizing business with top and bottom line growth.

Kodak’s publishing solutions optimize print production efficiency, distribution, quality and relevancy, with a portfolio that helps newspaper publishers and printers reduce environmental impact, and deliver content that engages readers, driving greater return for advertisers.

Kodak’s end to end newspaper printing solutions help take the complexity out of printing in today’s fragmented, digital world. Our workflow systemsCTPplates, and screening technologies provide the efficiency and flexibility to help you improve profitability, shorten print cycles to meet tight deadlines, and address new market opportunities.

Kodak’s solutions for newspaper printing deliver:

  • Efficiency: Cut costs and accelerate throughput with complete, integrated solutions
  • Quality: Offer the highest quality color newspaper and leverage press assets for semi-commercial opportunities
  • Scaleability: Meet the needs of today and tomorrow with modular solutions built on open architecture
  • Choice: Select from complete range of CTP solutions which meet your productivity and quality requirements and provide better value to your advertisers and readers through our digital print solutions.

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