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Info Activate Solution
Kodak Info Activate Software
KODAK Info Activate Software IT guy explains how Info Activate simplifies SharePoint Integration
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Activate your information and simplify SharePoint integration with KODAK Info Activate Solution 3:04
Updated with new features (Sept 2013) Whether you use Microsoft SharePoint or another collaboration platform, chances are your biggest challenge remains getting critical data off paper and into your business process workflow. That's where Kodak Info Activate Solution comes in. The Kodak Info Activate Solution makes capture simpler, workflow more organized, content under control, and integration completely seamless.
Kodak Info Activate Solution - Demo Video 8:27
In this video, Edward O'Meara demonstrates KODAK Info Activate Solution v1.1, the capture and processing solution that makes it easy for employees to trigger processes that require document and data input and that leverages your investment in SharePoint.