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Intelligent Document Understanding

Transforming a whirlwind of data, from very different sources and formats, into valuable business knowledge

Do you fondly recall the days of simplified document management? Businesses received different types of data—forms, correspondence, receipts, purchase orders, and more—but it was all very straightforward and paper-based. 

Paper documents arrived, were scanned and entered into a Content Management System, then accessed by or sent to individuals, departments, repositories or other destinations as appropriate.

There were no worries about managing incoming e-mails, Tweets, Facebook posts, images from smartphones, SMS/text messages, or multiple other information sources that are now part of our wired, social media world.

Of course, the evolution of Electronic Content Management Systems addresses a portion of these challenges and helps to automate and better govern information capture, management and storage. But many aspects—such as multi-channel capture—remain cumbersome, due to the volume and complexity of formats and limitations of technology.

Kodak’s white paper offers insight on how Intelligent Document Understanding can help drive your enterprise. It includes an overview of:

  • leading approaches to managing disparate data sources and formats
  • technologies that are available and evolving
  • practical, easy-to-understand real-world examples
  • the eight steps of Intelligent Document Understanding
  • and more