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Intelligent Information: Improving the Customer Experience
In the past, when the only ways to communicate with your customers was in person, by mail or by telephone, wasn't it fairly easy to manage your customers experience back then?

Today the different ways customers can reach you can become quite a handful, they e-mail, tweet, text etc. often switching between communication channels on one topic and expect an immediate response! Even with the utmost desire, it is difficult to meet your customer expectations and meet your company's expectations for increased business efficiency.

Modern systems are equipped to handle some of these issues, but judging by how unsatisfied customers are with the service they are receiving with most companies there is a different story to be told. 

This white paper co-authored by AIIM and Kodak Alaris offers insight on most common industry pain points and best practices for solutions that can help you lower your costs, increase your customer satisfaction and drive your enterprise to success.

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