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i2000 Series Scanner Drivers

Installing the scanner drivers from the link on the bottom of this page will install the latest SVT (Scanner Validation Tool), TWAIN Data Source, the latest ISIS Driver and the latest WIA/STI drivers for the i2000 Series Scanners. These new drivers will also support the KODAK A4 Flatbed Scanner when attached to a KODAK i2400, i2600 or i2800 Scanner.

Dependencies: Microsoft .Net 2.0 and Microsoft Installer 3.x

Software Driver CD version 2.15 (Windows) and version 2.15 (Linux) included with the latest SVT – October, 2013

New Release Notes(English only)

Note: When installing i2000 Series Scanner or the Flatbed drivers for the first time:

  1. DO NOT connect or power on the scanner or the flatbed to the host PC until the SVT has been installed
  2. DO NOT uninstall the previous Versions of this Device Driver installation, as this will update the current installation.
  3. Shutdown all applications, as the PC will require a reboot to finalize the installation. This will ensure Microsoft's plug and play technology will properly recognize the Scanner or Flatbed.

User guides are not installed with this download, please see the user guide section of this web site for the latest version. The Smart Touch application is not part of this download, only the drivers needed to run Smart Touch are supplied. For updated Smart Touch drivers, click on the "View All Drivers & Downloads" button at the top of page.

Driver Downloads 

Download Windows Installation Software for the i2000 Series Scanner v2.15 (includes a software update and support for Windows 8)
File Name: InstallSoftware_i2000_v2.15.exe
File Size: 127 MB

Updated ISIS Driver eki2000_2.0.11308.29001Release Notes

Download ISIS Driver eki2000_2.0.11308.29001
File Name:
File Size: 16.3 MB

Download Linux Drivers for the i2000 v2.15
File Name: LinuxSoftware_i2000_v2.15.tar.gz
File Size: 65.4 MB
Note: Expand the above (e.g. tar -zxf *.gz) and then run the setup script

By downloading from Kodak, you agree to the terms & conditions outlined in the license agreement. Actual filesize for multilanguage downloads may vary.

⇒ European Custom Profiles for the i2000 Series Scanner (zip file)

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