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Kodak i5850 Scanner Intelligent Document Protection Feature
In this video you will see how the Intelligent Document Protection feature works and its advantages.
Kodak i5850 Scanner Post Scan Rear Printer
In this video you will learn how to install the Printer into the rear compartment of the scanner in order to do post scan rear printing.
Kodak i5850 Scanner Image Addressing Feature
In this video I explain the Image Addressing feature, how it works and the advantage of using this feature.
Dr. Scanner - Kodak Perfect Page
*Confidential - Check out your scanner and if it is capable to do what I am demonstrating in this Video. ... if it fails... dump it, and get a high quality Kodak Scanner with Perfect Page for outstanding results.
How to Replace the Tires for the Kodak i4000 and i5000 Series Scanners
In this video you will learn how to replace the Pre-separation pad, the Separation Tires and the Feed Module tires for the Kodak i4000 and i5000 Series Scanners.
How to clean a Kodak i5000 Series Scanner
In this video you will learn how to clean the Imaging Guides, the Tires and the Transport Rollers for the Kodak i5000 Series Scanner.
Controlled Dual Stacking Accessory for the Kodak i5800 scanner
See how you can save print and storage costs with the Controlled Dual Stacking Accessory
Kodak i5800 Scanner - Mixed Documents
This video demonstrates how easily and reliably the Kodak i5800 Scanner handles all types of mixed-size documents.
Kodak i5800 Scanner - 8.5 x 11" Documents
This video demonstrates how quickly the Kodak i5800 Scanner handles 8.5 x 11" documents.
Kodak i5800 Scanner - Height Adjustable
Kodak's i5800 Scanner elevator allows users to adjust the scanner height as desired. With the touch of a button, users can switch from seated to standing operation.
Kodak i5600 Scanner Demo
This video shows the Kodak i5600 Scanner in action, handling large document stacks of mixed sizes quickly and with ease.
Kodak i5000 Scanner Fast Scanning
This video shows how fast and effieciently the Kodak i5600 Scanner handles mixed-size documents.
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