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Info Activate Solution Limited Edition
Kodak Info Activate LE Overview

Info Activate Solution Limited Edition: Scan in data. Increase efficiency.

Simplify Scanning Tasks
When you use MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT 2013 to manage information, chances are your biggest challenge is getting data off paper and into your SharePoint libraries. KODAK Info Activate Solution Limited Edition can help.

Info Activate Solution Limited Edition allows you to add paper business documents to any of your SHAREPOINT 2013 document libraries with a single click of a button.

Kodak i920 Scanner

From your Web browser, click and scan your one- or two-sided documents, view and edit the images, and enter the index data. Limited Edition is compatible with the complete line of Kodak Scanners and other TWAIN-compliant document scanners.

Share Information
Designed specifically for individual or small group needs, Info Activate Solution Limited Edition contains the essentials for capturing and organizing documents into designated SHAREPOINT libraries.

Set up is easy and there is virtually no training required. You or your Site Administrator can create up to five pre-configured Scan Job buttons that allow users to scan contracts, invoices, letters or any other business documents directly into SHAREPOINT 2013.

Easy and Intuitive

Woman Using Kodak Scanner

A single click on the relevant Scan Job button launches a pre-defined process that configures the scanner, scans the paper documents, stores index data and routes the documents to the designated SHAREPOINT 2013 library.

Info Activate Solution - Full version
Users of Info Activate Solution Limited Edition only have one decision to make: what Scan Job button do I click? There is no need to understand complex scanner settings or complicated SHAREPOINT library structures. Just click the Scan Job button that matches the document you need to scan.

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