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  • Creating Intelligent Customer Service Experiences


    Kodak Alaris' whitepaper outlines best practices of enterprises designing their communications on the Internet, by e-mail, and in social networks. We will illustrate how customer relationships can be cultivated to generate loyalty and advocacy that drives business success.

    Whitepaper: Your Path to Profitable Customer Relations

    Input and Response Management: ECM

    ECM-Input and Response Management

    Kodak Alaris' whitepaper outlines approaches from the real-world practices that allow businesses to significantly reduce the cost of handling their text-based customer communications.

    Whitepaper: Your Path to Intelligent Process Automation

    Intelligent Information: Improving the Customer Experience

    Intelligent Information: Improving the Customer Experience

    This white paper co-authored by AIIM and Kodak Alaris offers insight on most common industry pain points and best practices for solutions that can help you lower your costs, increase your customer satisfaction and drive your enterprise to success.

    Whitepaper: Intelligent Information - Improving the Customer Experience

    SharePoint 2013: Clouding the Issues

    Sharepoint 2013 - Clouding the Issues

    This AIIM Industry Watch report, sponsored by Kodak Alaris, explores the adoption of SharePoint as a content management system, new benefits offered by SharePoint 2013, needs for third party add-ons as well as challenges and opportunities for cloud deployment. 

    Industry Watch Report: SharePoint 2013 - Clouding the Issues

Learn about software solutions from Kodak.

Kodak Info Activate Solution

Solutions for SharePoint

The KODAK Info Activate Solution makes information capture simpler, workflow more organized, content under control and integration completely seamless.
Kodak Information Management

Information Management Solution

The KODAK Info Insight Platform allows businesses to capture, understand and intelligently manage all incoming documents and customer communications, regardless of format and structure.

Browser-Based Capture Application

The Kodak Info Input Solution is a browser-based application for capturing documents directly from business applications. 
Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software

KODAK Asset Management Software allows you to manage and maintain select KODAK Scanners on your network through one simple dashboard solution.