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Welcome to KODAK Service & Support. Kodak provides service and support throughout the life of your investment, from installation to maintenance to professional services, ensuring ongoing productivity as well as continued relevance of the solutions to your business processes for years to come. Our services are available for KODAK and other manufacturers' equipment alike providing a sole source for your services needs.

Because of the types of investments you make in equipment, extending lifespan, reducing the costs, and maximizing productive uptime are essential. Kodak Service & Support is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain peak performance as well as simplifying your life with a single point of contact.


Learn about comprehensive maintenance and support ensuring you get the most out of your software investment


Learn about service and support options for Kodak scanners


Learn about service and support options for Micrographics Products.


Learn more about how KODAK's expertise can help optimize the business processes in your document management environment.


Learn about multi-vendor services, including maintenance support, professional services and the equipment we can support.


Learn how Kodak can be an extension of your own organization.


Learn how partnering with Kodak can lead to better account control and increased revenue.

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November 09, 2015
Kodak Alaris Launches AI Foundry— Accelerates Delivery of Artificial Intelligence-Based Solutions for Business
AMSUS Meeting Society of Federal Health Professionals (Ontario Funeral Service Association)
December 01 - 04
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