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Capture Pro Software

Capture Pro includes many powerful post-scan editing tools to optimize document integrity. You’ll see enhanced worker productivity, thanks to electronic “flagging” of images in repetitive-task, post-scan editing.

--Director of Operations, Chesapeake Document Services
Coming soon!
KODAK Capture Pro Software v5.0 is the newest addition to the software and solutions portfolio from Kodak Alaris. Users will enjoy even greater productivity and ease of use. Beginning September 23rd, if you have an active Software Assurance Agreement, you can upgrade to version 5.0 at no additional charge or contact your reseller to purchase.

Convert forms, invoices, patient records and other critical business documents to high-quality images quickly and efficiently. Capture critical index data and automatically deliver it to databases and applications. Get powerful, flexible batch capture functionality in desktop to high-volume production capture environments.

With Capture Pro Software you can:

  • Enhance your productivity with advanced indexing capabilities and dual stream scanning
  • Cut costs for manual data entry/indexing by using Database Lookup to validate or populate fields
  • Use mark detection to process simple surveys and other checkbox forms
  • Enhance data integrity with double data entry indexing
  • Reduce time and cost for image review and correction via Intelligent Quality Control
  • Output to dozens of other systems
  • Be up and running right away with included start-up assistance and software assurance