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  • AGS Opens New Frontiers for Book Publishers with Kodak Digital Solutions

    KODAK Digital Printing Solutions Combine To Produce Unique Book

    For Katie Kriemelmeyer, president of Automated Graphic Systems (AGS), the business of print is personal. In her mind, the success of the business ultimately rests on its ability to give people something they want.

    “Each person is driven by what they want, when they want it,” says Kriemelmeyer. “That’s a huge challenge for publishers.”

    AGS, a Consolidated Graphics (CGX) company, is well-suited to meet these demands, thanks to its strategic investment in digital inkjet printing technology. At the core of its ability to meet customer needs is a KODAK PROSPER 5000XL Press capable of printing up to 171,000 pages per hour.

    For more than 35 years, the Maryland-based firm has produced books, but most of this work was done with conventional offset equipment. The PROSPER Press provides AGS with an entirely new approach for business growth. This includes static print-on-demand books, variable print-on-demand books, and other personalized products.

    “I’m a geek,” admits Kriemelmeyer. “I’m fascinated by data and what you can do with it. Combining the power of personalization and digital high speed digital book printing aligns perfectly with AGS’s vision for growth.”

    Stona Fitch, founder of Concord Free Press, is a firm believer in this model as well, and sees capabilities like those offered by AGS presenting new possibilities for authors and publishers like him.

    “Publishing is in the midst of exciting transition period,” says Fitch. “You have to find a way to reach a smaller audience and to reach them directly.” His work with AGS delivers an impact far beyond publishing. The Concord Free Press is a generosity based publisher -- its books are free. Readers are asked to donate money to a charitable organization or to a cause that they care about via a unique numbering scheme associated with every copy, and then are encouraged to pass the book along to others who will do the same. Each title has generated between $50,000 and $60,000 in donations from around the world thus far.

    One of the Concord Free Press books, Round Mountain, was printed using a KODAK PROSPER Press for the pages and a KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press for the covers. The covers feature KODAK Dimensional Printing – an attention-grabbing, tactile effect that readers can actually see and feel.

    “There’s just a beautiful feel to the book that makes it stand out. You pick it up and even though it is a free paperback, it feels like a high quality book,” explains Fitch. “Each book is also individually numbered and there’s a QR code that lets readers go to our website and learn more about the project. They can see where they’ve donated and where other people are giving. It’s inspiring to see books go around the world and continue to do so for years.”

    Kriemelmeyer also hopes the Concord Free Press inspires more people to explore the possibilities of digital book printing.

    “The PROSPER Press is game changer. It has created tremendous new opportunities for us. With Kodak Digital Printing solutions we are changing our selling style, our business methodologies and the types of customers we’re talking to,” says Kriemelmeyer. “It’s just phenomenal.”

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    With more than 70 CGX facilities across North America and the Czech Republic, including Automated Graphic Systems in Maryland, CGX is investing in Kodak technology to keep up with the evolving dynamics of the graphics industry and delivery quality solutions to their clients.

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