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Inkjet Digital Inks

 When you purchase KODAK equipment, you demonstrate a commitment to being at the forefront of variable printing. Now deliver on that commitment and protect your investment by using Kodak Digital Inks. These process and specialty inks – one of the broadest palettes in the industry – are developed, tested and manufactured to the highest quality standards as an integral component for KODAK VERSAMARK Printing Systems, KODAK VERSAMARK Imprinting Systems, KODAK PROSPER Presses and KODAK PROSPER Imprinting Solutions. 

Protect your investment  

KODAK Digital Inks are designed to work with the entire printing system. The print head, the system’s color reproduction software, drying process, speed and more are all optimized by the controller to produce maximum printing results with the optimal amounts of ink coverage. Third-Party ink developers cannot offer this level of precision and confidence prior to purchase or use on your equipment, time and substrate. By using KODAK inks you’ll gain the peace of mind in knowing your equipment will be protected, the job will run smoothly, and the results will look outstanding. No third party suppliers can offer this runnability guarantee or ensure consistent performance in all operating conditions.


Drop on Demand Inks

Drop on Demand Inks

Wide selection of inks for the KODAK VERSAMARK VL Printing Systems
Continuous Inkjet Inks

Continuous Inkjet Inks

Vast array of inks to meet the flexible demands of KODAK VERSAMARK Imprinting Systems
Stream Inks for Imprinting Systems

Stream Inks for Imprinting Systems

High-speed inks formulated for the demanding needs of KODAK PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems
Stream Inks for Presses.

Stream Inks for Presses

Patented offset-like quality pigment inks for the KODAK PROSPER Press platform.

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