KODAK ACHIEVE T400/T800 Platesetters

The KODAK ACHIEVE T400/T800 Platesetters are robust, entry-level output devices that deliver high image quality with excellent reliability and consistency. It's based on the successful KODAK TRENDSETTER Platesetter platform and Kodak's TH5 thermal imaging technology.


Throughput at 2400 dpi

For plate size 724 x 838 mm:

  • S speed = 21 plates per hour
  • F speed = 28 plates per hour


Throughput at 2400 dpi

For plate size 1,030 x 800 mm:

  • S speed = 16 plates per hour
  • F speed = 22 plates per hour

Advanced automation for flexibility and productivity

Four available automation options- reduces platemaking time and manual errors.


Semi-automatic (standard)

auto unload

Auto Unload (optional)


Autoloader (optional)

single cassette unit (SCU)

Single Cassette Unit (optional)

CTP mobile app


Attend your CTP operation from wherever you are using only a handheld device, with Kodak's new Mobile CTP Control app.

  • Device monitoring
  • Queue management
  • Multiple CTPs
  • Push notifications
  • Alerts

Commercially available in early 2017.


Benefits of Thermal Platesetters

Geometric Compensation
Temperature Compensation
Dynamic Autofocus


Seamless integration with KODAK Solutions

The KODAK ACHIEVE T400/T800 Platesetters are optimized for KODAK Media and open for other vendors' qualified plates.

SONORA XP Process Free Plates
TRILLIAN SP Thermal Plate
ELECTRA XD Thermal Plates

Complete Solutions 800x500 mobile

High-Performance Plates, Low Environmental Impact

Output of KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates saves money and space, eliminates chemistry, reduces plate processor costs and waste, as well as reducing water usage.


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