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  • KODAK SONORA Plates to Save an Estimated 265 Million Liters of Water in Next 12 Months

    Saving Water Matters

    KODAK SONORA Process Free Plate technology could lead to impressive water savings for the commercial printing industry. The forecast is based on new adoption data for the process-free plates, which remove the need for a plate processor in the prepress stage of a print operation. Based on sales projections,  SONORA Plates could be directly responsible for saving up to 265 million liters of water in 2014.

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    Meet Your Customer Needs While Maximizing Business and Eco-Benefits


    Kodak’s environmental design strategy coupled with its technology innovation has yielded a broad portfolio that delivers business and environmental benefits to today’s world of blended print production. 

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    KODAK Digital Printing Solutions Deliver Environmental Benefits

    Digital Printing Solutions deliver env benefits

    Imagine how much material can be saved and waste averted by simply printing only what's necessary.  Then consider the potential created by customizing and targeting print.  With those capabilities, overproduction could become a thing of the past.  KODAK Digital Printing Solutions support a just in time model where overproduction, and its inefficiencies, can be reduced while additional environmental advantages from substrate flexibility, aqueous inks and recycling options are possible.

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    KODAK Plates Reduce or Eliminate Processing Chemistry

    Plates Reduce Processing Chemistry

    Reducing plate processing chemistry is an easy way to both improve your business's sustainability and reduce costs. See how much you can save with KODAK TRILLIAN SP and ELECTRA XD Plates, or eliminate processing chemistry completely with KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates.

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    Kodak Manufacturing Sites ISO 14001 Certified

    Kodak mfg Sites ISO 14001

    Kodak has long recognized that initiatives beneficial to the environment benefit business, as well.  Eliminating waste, conserving natural resources and driving operating efficiencies cut our costs and contribute to a cleaner environment.  Through a system of goal setting and performance tracking, Kodak strives for operational improvements in priority areas such as climate change, while maintaining ISO 14001 certification of our corporate Health, Safety and Environmental Management System and our major manufacturing sites. 

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    Kodak's design strategy looks across the life-cycle for opportunities to provide more product or service value for less environmental impact.

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    Customer Support

    The Health, Safety and Environment Support Center houses Safety Data Sheets and additional information our partners can use to supply and manage KODAK Products.

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    For over 20 years, Kodak has been voluntarily publishing performance data on environmental and socially responsible initiatives.

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