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KODAK THERMAL DIRECT Non Process Plates eliminate the installation, management or maintenance of traditional processors and chemistry, and there is no need for "chemistry-free" gums and clean out units. Removing these extra steps eliminates cost, as well as a source of variability--the processor--and thus improves the overall stability of the digital platemaking process. You just image the plate and mount it directly on press.

  • THERMAL DIRECT Plates reduce costs--you don’t need to purchase and maintain an inventory of processing chemistry, utility costs and water usage are lower, and you have more available floor space
  • By eliminating the processing step, THERMAL DIRECT Plates shorten the platemaking cycle and deliver more jobs on press per shift
  • Increasing press productivity increases efficiency, lowers cost, and improves overall profitability
  • THERMAL DIRECT Plates can help your business be more environmentally responsible
  • The plates can be imaged by all popular thermal CTP devices currently on the market
  • The plates are easy to use in terms of imaging and handling and are compatible with existing printing press environments
  • On press, the plate has a familiar look and feel

SONORA XP Process Free Plates are Kodak's latest plates that require no processing equipment or chemistry.
  • Same press ready technology as THERMAL DIRECT Plates, completely eliminating processing
  • Productivity, print quality, and print capabilities similar to mainstream processed plates, with significant improvements over THERMAL DIRECT Plates
  • Suitable for medium and large sheetfed and web printers


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