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SONORA NEWS Process Free Plate

Free to be processor free

KODAK SONORA NEWS Process Free Plates are designed specifically for newspaper applications. Because they allow printers to completely eliminate processing equipment and chemistry from plate making, they reduce time to press and the potential for variability associated with processing. In addition, no processor or chemistry lets printers save money and reduce environmental impact. 

High Productivity

  • Faster time to press by skipping the processing step, and fast plate remakes
  • No gumming or clean out step, like with "chemistry free" plates
  • Works well in automated newspaper environments
  • Fast imaging speeds


SONORA NEWS Plates work well on highly automated CTP devices, such as the KODAK GENERATION NEWS Platesetter

Excellent Quality and Stability

  • Realize all the benefits of thermal imaging, including increased stability and repeatability and outstanding print quality
  • Eliminate the variability associated with processing and chemistry
  • Backed by Kodak's world-class service and support organization

Reduce Cost and Environmental Impact

  • No processing equipment or clean out unit to buy or maintain
  • No chemistry to buy, store, or dispose of
  • No ovens / preheat, so lower utility costs from running the ovens and removing the excess heat in the room
  • No water used for processing plates
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