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A more efficient and effective branding and packaging workflow

DESIGN2LAUNCH Brand Manager is a centralized, web-based solution for managing brand assets and content creation. With Brand Manager, marketing and packaging teams can better manage business processes and assets across suppliers and in-house teams. It reduces errors and maintains brand standards by providing a single source of approved content. Meanwhile, advanced project management tools and automated workflows enforce corporate processes to prevent oversights and ensure regulatory compliance.

The powerful engine supports unlimited workflows with fully automated routing and alerts. It can be configured to oversee any business process—from basic review and approval to comprehensive product development—promoting timely task execution, efficient teamwork, visibility and accountability.

  • Accelerate speed-to-market with automated routing and approvals
  • Reduce costs with improved workflow efficiency and accuracy
  • Maximize reuse of brand assets with easy, secure access for all stakeholders
  • Enforce accountability and regulatory compliance with a comprehensive audit trail
  • Ensure a consistent representation of the brand with centralized control

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