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High-impact, durable prints

Boost the power of color with high-impact, durable prints. Gloss/spot gloss starts with the same NEXPRESS Clear Dry Ink used in the Coating process. After printing, the sheets are run through the KODAK NEXPRESS Glossing Unit where the coating is transformed from a satin finish into a high gloss finish.

Use your Fifth Imaging Unit Solution to get high gloss results achieved with UV coating but with the benefits of recyclability.  Gloss coating not only adds impact to your prints, it extends the life of the print.

Spot Gloss

Spot gloss techniques can now be added for additional visual appeal and impact to your printed pieces.  The spot gloss is accomplished with the same clear dry ink and is applied to all CMYK ink on the page adding impact to all copy, text  and graphics while providing a photo  quality finish to all images.  Spot gloss can be applied to one side of the sheet or both sides as desire.  To learn more, download our Spot Gloss Application, Best Practices Guide.

FAQ’s for Glossing:

1.  How do I prepare my files for glossing?

  • No special file preparation is necessary
  • Tell the press operator; they will specify the full gloss coating via the KODAK NEXPRESS Front End

2.  Can I apply glossing on just one side of a sheet?

  • You can gloss either one side or both sides of a sheet

3.  Can I apply a spot gloss on only part of a sheet?

4.  Can a preprinted 4-color digital sheet be glossed?

  • No, you can not add gloss after the digital print is complete; the Clear Dry Ink must be applied in-line with the original printing



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