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The KODAK NEXPRESS Red Fluorescing Dry Ink Solution helps printers provide increased security and fraud protection on documents, packaging, promotional, and direct mail materials and is part of the KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions portfolio.This year’s InterTech Technology Award marks the third time KODAK has received Printing Industries of America recognition for its Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions. In 2005, KODAK was recognized for the initial launch of the Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions, and in 2009, for its addition of the new Dimensional Printing Solution. 

KODAK NEXPRESS Red Fluorescing Dry Ink is another addition to the KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Solutions portfolio. This innovative ink is clear when printed on top of images and graphics, and is virtually invisible. When it is illuminated with an ultraviolet light source, however, it fluoresces a red color.  The intensity of the red can be controlled by the amount of NEXPRESS Red Fluorescing Dry Ink that is printed on the page.

Red Fluorescing Dry Ink is applied inline, is ideal wherever visible barcodes are used for workflow automation, mailing systems and MIS connectivity, including:

  • Security applications that are hard to duplicate with normal photo-copiers or inkjet printers
  • On-demand books
  • Photo books
  • Personalized workflow tracking
  • 2D barcodes

KODAK NEXPRESS Red Fluorescing Dry Ink removes the need to post-finish trim or create the design workarounds that have traditionally been used to eliminate or minimize intrusion of the barcode for your end customers. It is also a cost-effective way to add validation features to a variety of documents. You could even add hidden messages to photos, graphics and documents! 

Good for your business, better for the planet. 
Like all NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions, Red Fluorescing creates prints that are recyclable. The Dry Ink does not require any special de-inking process and uses no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). You’ll be able to produce prints that drive more profit per page and are environmentally responsible.

Driving revenue
The excellent image quality and unique benefits of KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions enable countless ways to deliver added value to your clients. Dimensional printing, clear coating, gloss, MICR, color gamut expansion and now, red fluorescent ink ... Let KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions help you build your business with high-impact, high-value print that can differentiate your services and drive margins.

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