Kodak Support Plan Description – Kodak NexPress Presses and Kodak Digimaster Systems
Great service and solutions for Kodak NexPress Digital Production Color Presses with diverse, flexible choices in coverage and payment.
Kodak NexPress VI Digital Front End with System 15.0 Software
All Kodak NexPress Front Ends are built on open standards and have a scaleable, highly configurable architecture that allows you to expand processing power as your production needs grow in image and data intensity. Choose from powerful options to meet the demands of your specific workflow environment. Learn more.
Digital Print Brand Protection Solutions
Your brand is your most valuable corporate asset. Protecting it from fraud and counterfeiting has become a strategic imperative in an environment where digital technologies make it easier than ever to duplicate or falsify any type of product. Learn more about the brand protection digital solutions available from Kodak.
Kodak NexPress SX Digital Production Color Press

The Kodak NexPress SX Digital Production Color Platform can help you drive more jobs per shift and more profit per page, by consistently and reliably producing market-leading image quality from job to job and day to day.

Kodak NexPress Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions - Distinguish your business
KODAK NEXPRESS Dimensional, Red Fluorescing, Light Black, Intelligent Color, Coating,  MICR and Glossing are unique Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions for smart print providers to expand their businesses and deliver higher-impact communications. These solutions build on the tremendous advantages of printing on KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Presses—and help drive new applications with higher margins.
Long Sheet Pile Feeder Data Sheet

Enables new applications with increased productivity.  Now you can print sheets up to 14 x 36” (356 x 914 mm) on the KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press, with the long sheet pile feeder from Baumfolder. The larger sheet size means you can produce even more applications to meet diverse market needs, including: 6 and 8-page letter/A4 brochures, over-sized brochures, dust jackets for larger books, posters and other special applications.

Kodak NexPress SX Digital Production Color Platform with Print Genius
The Kodak NexPress SX Digital Production Color Platform can help you drive more jobs per shift and more profit per page, by consistently and reliably producing market-leading image quality from job to job and day to day.
TruCoat UV Coater
New NexPress press inline or near line option for UV Coating, from TEC Lighting.
SpencerLab Report: Photographic Print Image Quality Study

The KODAK NEXPRESS SX3300 Digital Production Color Press achieved an overall highest rating in photographic quality.  Details of this independent study conducted by the SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory are available in this white paper.

Specialty Substrate Leveler - Powerful print to drive profits
Now, KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Presses, with the specialty substrate leveler, enable you to offer exciting new applications to your  marketing clients that combine the immediacy of personalized letters with the lasting value of personalized cards and magnets.  Easily feed these specialty substrates for digital printing on the NEXPRESS press with the support of the Specialty Substrate Leveler accessory.
Roll Feeder - High volume productivity
The roll feeder from Lasermax Roll Systems is a productivity enhancer for KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Presses. It’s ideal for print  operations that value a high level of automation and want to standardize on just a few paper stocks.
Picture Books – Popular Photography
Special report featured in the November issue of Popular Photography – Rates a variety of photobook applications from on line order to quality of output received.  “Kodak’s book had hands-down the best print quality for a traditional  feeling book.”
ORC Business Model

Kodak’s business model provides owners of Kodak NexPress Digital Production Presses with an unprecedented degree of control and flexibility to help drive higher profits.

No fork-lift required to upgrade our NexPress, see how here
Discussion with Greg Gresock and Leonard Christoper, how the NexPress upgrade path is part of our go to market philosophy, no forklift required, majority of improvements made to the system are backward compatible (3 minute video).
NexPress wins EDP Award
IPEX 2010  - Kodak has maintained its tradition for landing top industry accolades after winning a coveted EDP Association Award.  The company scooped the "Best Production Cut-Sheet Colour (High Production) Award" for its KODAK NEXPRESS SE3600 Digital Color Production Press.  To read more about KODAK NEXPRESS Press Scoops Prestigious Prize at EDP Awards, click here.
NEXPRESS Red Florescing Dry Ink Datasheet

Learn more about the Kodak NexPress Red Fluorescing Dry Ink, another addition to the Kodak NexPress Fifth Imaging Solutions portfolio. This innovative ink is clear when printed on top of images and graphics, and is virtually invisible.

KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Platform
KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Presses help protect our environment while producing outstanding printed materials that help to power your business growth.
Introducing the NexPress SX Press
Bob Yelencsics from Kodak, introduces the Kodak NexPress SX Digital Production Color Press.  The new press features 26"/660mm sheet size, smaller ink particle size, prints up to 131 ppm (3 up A4) and all with 5th imaging unit solutions. (2 min)
Introducing the New Kodak NexPress Photo Platform
Chuck Hura introduces the new Kodak NexPress Photo Platform from the tradeshow floor at Graph Expo.
InfoTrends Analysis: Kodak Rolls Out NexPress SE Platform
Kodak’s NexPress SE platform brings improved features and a new look to the NexPress line. In this analysis, InfoTrends will explore the characteristics of the new platform and its implications for the NexPress product line.
Improving Image Quality
White paper featuring the Intelligent Calibration System
How to Capture a Customer Testimonial with a Zi8
Need some quick instructions on how to capture a video for use in  your marketing arsenal?  Watch our video for quick tips and tricks.
Expand applications with in line 5th imaging unit solutions
9 min video discussion with Greg Gresock and Leonard Christoper, reviewing our 5th imaging unit solutions, customer reaction, applications, introducing Red Fluorescing
Digital Direct Mail Solutions
Direct mail marketing leverages the true power of data-driven communication to increase return on marketing investment. 
Customer Experiences: Traditional Offset vs. Digital - Part 3
Customer Experiences: Traditional Offset vs. Digital - Part 3
Comparison of NEXPRESS Press Digital Economics and Profits to Offset - Part 1

Learn more from Jim Aust who authors, “Comparison of NEXPRESS Press Digital Economics and Profits to Offset”, as part 1 of a 3 part series.

Booklet Maker - Write a new chapter on productivity
Make your KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press even more flexible and productive with a booklet maker that can stitch, fold and face trim up to 25 sheets to create booklets of up to 100 pages. Choose the in-line configuration and get full functionality without slowing down the press.
600+ Substrates equals new business opportunities for your print shop
600+ substrates have enabled  new applications and new business opportunities for our NexPress customers - range in wieghts, synthetics, magnets, ID cards and a variety of other options
5th Imaging Unit

Learn how Kodak NexPress customers are creating unique campaigns with Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions and increasing response rates by 20X.

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