The leading print production workflow that brings simplification to complex tasks.

KODAK PRINERGY Workflow is a print production hub that delivers intelligent prepress management tools for commercial and packaging print manufacturing

KODAK PRINERGY Workflow features "intent-based automation", driving a higher level of accuracy and efficiency in the print production cycle, increasing quality control, reducing manual touch points and lowering the cost of production. The connectivity of the system increases efficiency and drives the costs out of every step of production, including pre-production, planning, production and manufacturing.

In PRINERGY Workflow, the job's intent is captured when the order enters the system; whether the order is received via KODAK INSITE Prepress Portal, MIS, an online storefront or manual entry, PRINERGY Workflow uses the full description (intent) of the finished job - including the breakdown of its parts – to automate its planning, processing and production. Downstream, PRINERGY Workflow utilizes two-way communication to provide users, such as customer service representatives, with job and device status information at all times.

PRINERGY Workflow provides two interfaces to expand its usability in both the front and back office. Power users will retain the interface they have grown with for more than a decade while enjoying the new technology and options. Newer users will be able to participate in improving their business efficiencies with a new web-based interface: PRINERGY Workspace, expanding the operation's reach to include sales, customer service representatives and other front office staff.

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