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Let your prepress take flight

KODAK PRINERGY Workflow is a print production hub that delivers intelligent prepress management tools for commercial and packaging print manufacturing.

KODAK PRINERGY Workflow intelligent automation drives a higher level of accuracy and efficiency in the print production cycle, increases quality control, reduces manual touch points and lowers the cost of production. The connectivity of the system increases efficiency and drives the costs out of every step of production, including pre-production, planning, production and manufacturing.

Prinergy Workflow extends automation upstream, to the moment the customer’s order arrives. Whether the print job arrives from your Kodak InSite Prepress Portal, your MIS, online storefront, or manual entry from a sales rep. Options such as job info sheet, XML or JDF can automatically populate required job components, sheet sizes, print stocks, color characteristics and so on. This information can then be used to drive the planning, processing and production of the job, right through to finishing

The Prinergy Workflow system integrates every key workflow function, such as the new Preflight+, Preps Imposition Software and ColorFlow Software, seamlessly, allowing an unprecedented level of operator control.

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