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STACCATO Screening

Advanced screening technology for consistent, high-impact print

STACCATO Software is advanced, second-order FM screening technology. STACCATO Screening produces high-fidelity, continuous tone images that exhibit fine detail and an extended color gamut, creating a photographic experience free of visible printing artifacts, such as subject moiré and rosettes.


Combined with the precision of our unique thermal imaging technology, STACCATO screening delivers unrivaled consistency and quality in proofing and presswork. SQUARESPOT Imaging uses a laser beam to expose tiny spots to a printing plate, proofing material, or an emulsion on the press cylinder. What sets Kodak's technology apart is not just the size of the spot but the accuracy of its edges and how consistently it is imaged on the target material. The edge of each spot—the transition from image to non-image area—measures only 1 µm, or about 1/50th of the width of a human hair. The edge of the spot itself can be placed on the target with accuracy of .01 µm, or about 1/1000th of the width of a human hair...at a rate of up to up to 100 million spots per second.


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