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Spot color value without spot color inks

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KODAK SPOTLESS Software is an intuitive, easy-to-use solution for replacing spot colors with accurate recipes for 4, 5, 6 and 7-color process printing. With SPOTLESS Software, printers can reduce press downtime and increase efficiency, while designers and print buyers can specify a greater variety of spot colors to enhance creative projects.

The KODAK SPOTLESS Flexographic Solution extends this innovative and market-proven software solution to flexographic printing. Developed specifically for flexo processes and an ideal companion to the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System, the SPOTLESS Flexographic Solution enables cost savings and efficiency improvements without sacrificing visual impact.

What's new in SPOTLESS Software version 2?

SPOTLESS Software 2.0 is a new and improved solution that will replace the legacy SPOTLESS Color Toolkit and expand the flexo functionality from 4-color to n-color process printing. Key features include:

  • Up to 7-color process modeling (n-color) for BOTH flexo and offset
  • Flexible ink combination controls to tailor how the software chooses recipes
  • Press-side process control system where custom-created color strips can be used to measure and monitor color on press
  • Database with web reports for tracking and analyzing results over time
  • Flexible software licensing options for various site scenarios

View the recent blog post for additional details. Stay tuned for the release in early 2014! 

"The SPOTLESS process provides faster makereadies, less waste, closer color match and overall repeatable controlled print. SPOTLESS is a game changer and together with FLEXCEL NX, flexographic print will never be the same."
—Andrew Hewitson, Joint Managing Director, Reproflex3 UK

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