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    Our tradition of social environmental responsibility combined with our innovative customer solutions make Kodak the right partner for those pursuing sustainable business growth in today's marketplace.


    Saving Cost & Chemistry with KODAK SONORA Plates

    Choosing Not to Choose

    With Kodak’s introduction of KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates, that go straight from the imager to the press, skipping the processing step, customers no longer need to purchase or handle chemicals. Kodak anticipates that over 520,000 gallons of chemistry will be saved from conversions to SONORA Plates and printers can save up to $1,400 per month on chemistry costs by switching.

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    Osterode Manufacturing Site ISO 50001 Certified

    Osterode Site

    Holding true to its commitment to pursuing sustainability, Kodak voluntarily completed ISO 50001:2011 certification at its manufacturing plant in Osterode, Germany.  ISO 50001:2011 aims to promote energy management within the business practices of organizations. Along with its certification, Kodak has announced its intent to expand manufacturing capacity in Osterode to meet demand of its KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates.

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    Meet Your Customer Needs While Maximizing Business and Eco-Benefits


    Kodak’s environmental design strategy coupled with its technology innovation has yielded a broad portfolio that delivers business and environmental benefits to today’s world of blended print production. 

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    KODAK Digital Printing Solutions Deliver Environmental Benefits

    Digital Printing Solutions deliver env benefits

    Imagine how much material can be saved and waste averted by simply printing only what's necessary.  Then consider the potential created by customizing and targeting print.  With those capabilities, overproduction could become a thing of the past.  KODAK Digital Printing Solutions support a just in time model where overproduction, and its inefficiencies, can be reduced while additional environmental advantages from substrate flexibility, aqueous inks and recycling options are possible.

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    Kodak's design strategy looks across the life-cycle for opportunities to provide more product or service value for less environmental impact.

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    For over 20 years, Kodak has been voluntarily publishing performance data on environmental and socially responsible initiatives.

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    The Health, Safety and Environment Support Center houses Safety Data Sheets and additional information our partners can use to supply and manage KODAK Products.

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