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SWORD EXCEL Thermal Plate

KODAK SWORD EXCEL Thermal Plates require no preheating or postbaking.  They are packed with cutting-edge features that will help you deliver excellent print quality with superb reliability, repeatability, convenience, and speed.

  • By eliminating preheating and postbaking, SWORD EXCEL Plates cut processing times and allow you to use smaller processors, which consume less energy and are simple and easy to maintain
  • SWORD EXCEL Plates deliver exceptional on-press performance in the most demanding printing environments, even those that use alcohol-free fonts
  • High resolution of 1 – 99% @ 200 lpi
  • Precise color reproduction for high-quality results
  • Ideal for both short- and long-run applications
  • Proprietary two-layer coating provides on-press durability without postbaking
  • Fast developing in stable, low-pH, long-life negative chemistries
  • SWORD EXCEL Plates deliver long run lengths of up to 500,000 impressions
  • Available in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. For products available in other regions, click “Change” at the top of the screen to change your region

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