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TRILLIAN SP Thermal Plate

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Commercial printers face competitive pressures to improve efficiency and reduce turnaround time, while increasing consistency and quality. KODAK TRILLIAN SP Thermal Plates help printers meet these challenges with an impressive combination of outstanding productivity and performance, significantly lower total cost of use, and reduced environmental impact when compared with typical digital processed plates in the market today.

  • Revolutionary new proprietary negative working coating that provides high sensitivity, excellent resolution, consistency, chemical resistance and durability without baking
  • Delivers extraordinary sharp detail and stability for short- and long-run AM and FM applications
  • 500,000 impressions for standard press conditions without postbaking
  • Maximizes total throughput with industry-leading imaging speed
  • Extremely fast processing speeds, without the need for preheating or postbaking, improving turnaround times
  • Utilizes up to 70% less chemistry than previous plate systems, significantly reducing chemistry, storage and disposal costs (based on customer application)
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