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Intelligent Calibration System (ICS)

The Kodak NexPress Intelligent Calibration System (ICS) is an innovative technology for the Kodak NexPress Digital Production Color press family. ICS is a powerful tool that can help the operator easily improve image quality, increase uptime, and extend part lives to minimize cost. Five minutes is all it takes to analyze output and feed critical data back to the system for closed-loop color calibration.

The unique Kodak NexPress ICS automates the process of checking and maintaining print uniformity.

The philosophy of ICS is to create a broader feedback loop around the system based on evaluating the final printed output. A calibration target is printed for each of the four color modules. These targets are then scanned through a custom Kodak Scanner with an automatic document feeder. The scans are analyzed and new calibration information is automatically sent to the LED Imaging Heads which control the exposure levels of each printed pixel for each color channel. The LED Imaging Heads have internal processing units that readjust the exposure output in response to the calibration data. Pixel to pixel uniformity is maintained even in the presence of a variety of elements that could have adversely affected output quality.

ICS improves image quality, increases uptime and reduces cost.

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