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KODAK PROSPER 6000 Presses

Features & Benefits

Next-generation printing. Today.

The PROSPER 6000 Presses reset industry standards, with an unmatched combination of outstanding quality, day-to-day productivity, and compelling economics. They leverage an advanced feature set and next-generation capabilities unlike any press on the market. And innovations in transport, drying, and writing systems—as well as the KODAK 700 Print Manager DFE/Controller—combine to deliver the highest levels of reliability, print speed, application flexibility, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.



  • Up to 200 lpi quality
  • Wide color gamut approaching offset
  • Outstanding contrast
  • Precise registration
  • Micro-level text enhancement


  • Automatic adjustments
  • Fast make-ready
  • Minimal stretching or wrinkling
  • Smooth paper flow
  • Reduced friction


  • Long head life
  • High up-time
  • Short set-up and make-ready time
  • Low-cost nanotechnology inks
  • Durable jetting modules
  • Reduced waste
  • Ink saver mode


Next-generation printing systems for today's most demanding applications.

KODAK PROSPER 6000 Presses have been built to handle the full range of today's print applications while meeting the business goals of newspaper and book publishers, commercial printers, and direct mail services. PROSPER 6000C and PROSPER 6000P Presses deliver cost efficiency and a greater return on marketing investment.

Book manufacturing and publishers

  • 133 - 200 lpi quality
  • Streamlined order-to-cash
  • Cost efficiency–no plates or pre-press; reduced make-ready and waste
  • Business growth opportunities–variable data; versioned books; supply chain efficiency
  • Faster, just-in-time production

Newspaper publishers and printers

  • 133 - 200 lpi quality
  • Access to new audiences, markets, regions, and advertising shares
  • Faster, just-in-time production
  • More flexibility than offset presses
  • Reduces supply chain and logistics costs

Commercial printers and direct mailers

  • 133 - 200 lpi quality
  • Print on a range of uncoated, coated, glossy and silk papers
  • 30% savings over electrophotographic systems
  • More cost efficient up to 1 million high-quality mail pieces per run
  • Better response rates and campaign effectiveness
  • Lower costs for versioned and fully customized mailer
  • Higher profit margins

Models & Configurations

To meet your business needs, Kodak offers two PROSPER Press models

PROSPER 6000C Press

Thanks to enhanced drying capacity, the PROSPER 6000C Press is ideal for commercial print applications where heavier stock is used.

Direct Mail, Catalogs | 42 gsm to 270 gsm and 12 pt. cardstock | 1000 fpm (300 mpm) for uncoated and matte-coated papers | 650 fpm (200 mpm) for glossy and silk stock | High ink coverage

PROSPER 6000P Press

The PROSPER 6000P Press is designed for customers focused on publishing and applications that typically use lighter stock.

Newspapers, Books | 42 to 125 gsm | 1,000 fpm (300 mpm) | 325 fpm (100 mpm) for glossy or silk substrates | low- to medium- ink coverage


Depending on your facility requirements, the PROSPER 6000 Presses are available in L- and U-shaped configurations.

Paper Paths

Baseline Path (Uncoated papers, Less than 20% ink coverage)

The shorter, straight paper path can be used for lower ink coverage jobs like mass market books, letter solicitation mail, and textbooks.

PROSPER 6000 straight path

Extended Path (Coated papers, Higher than 20% ink coverage)

In both press models, we have an extended paper path that can be used to extend drying time and web cooling time. It's great for direct mail, catalogs and other high-end applications.

PROSPER 6000 extended path

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