Proven productivity features, once available only on production scanners, now come to the desktop and combine with ease of use and image quality to deliver great solutions for small offices and workgroups. Kodak's exclusive Perfect Page imaging provides true colors and crisp text, and virtually eliminates the need for rescans.

Save time with Smart Touch functionality, which allows you to automate repetitive scanning tasks. With the touch of a button, you can easily scan and organize your documents, saving them to popular file formats and sending them to their proper destinations. Smart Touch allows you to easily scan to e-mail, files, network folders, printers, and other desktop applications.

WorkgroupProduct NameSpeed/duty cycleSimplex/duplex and Special FeaturesList Price
Kodak i920 ScannerSCANMATE i940 Scanner20 ppm/500 pages per dayDuplex, can be USB-powered, easy to use, compact and portable, Smart Touch ease of use$395
Kodak i940M ScannerSCANMATE i940 Scanner for MACINTOSH Computers20 ppm/500 pages per dayDuplex, MACINTOSH-compatible, can be USB-powered, easy to use, compact and portable, bundled PRESTO! PAGEMANAGER app$425
Kodak i1120 SCANMATE ScannerSCANMATE i1120 Scanner20 ppm/1000 pages per dayDuplex, with Smart Touch ease of use$495
Kodak i2400 Scanneri2400 Scanner30 ppm/4000 pages per dayDuplex; 7-Segment Display, 50-Sheet Auto Feeder.$845
Kodak i2600 Scanneri2600 Scanner50 ppm/6000 pages per dayDuplex; Dual CCD, 75-Sheet Auto Feeder.$1,195
Kodak i2800 Scanneri2800 Scanner70 ppm/8000 pages per dayDuplex; Dual CCD, 100-Sheet Auto Feeder.$1,895
Kodak i2900 Scanneri2900 Scanner60 ppm/10,000 pages per dayDuplex; space-saving design; 250-sheet feeder/elevator; built-in A4 flatbed$3,495
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