Kodak Alaris’ desktop scanners are small, quiet, quick, intelligently designed and connect easily to your office systems. They are perfect for small offices and individual users where ad hoc scanning and customer-facing business transactions are part of your daily routine.

Desktop ScannersProduct NameSpeed/duty cycleSimplex/duplex and Special FeaturesList Price
Kodak i920 ScannerSCANMATE i940 Scanner20 ppm/1000 pages per dayCan be USB-powered, easy to use, compact and portable, Smart Touch ease of use$395
Kodak i1120 SCANMATE ScannerSCANMATE i1120 Scanner20 ppm/1000 pages per daySmart Touch ease of use$495
SCANMATE i1150SCANMATE i1150 Scanner25 ppm/3000 pages per dayTransaction mode burst speed, color display with icons, reads barcodes, Smart Touch ease of use$495
SCANMATE i1180SCANMATE i1180 Scanner40 ppm/5000 pages per dayOnboard Perfect Page image processing, EMC CAPTIVA Cloud Toolkit, lower PC requirements, color-display with icons$1,095
Kodak i2400 Scanneri2400 Scanner30 ppm/4000 pages per day7-Segment Display, 50-Sheet Auto Feeder.$845
i2420-Scanner_120x54i2420 Scanner40 ppm/5000 pages per day7-Segment Display, 75-Sheet Auto Feeder.$845
Kodak i2600 Scanneri2600 Scanner50 ppm/6000 pages per dayDual CCD, 75-Sheet Auto Feeder.$1,195
i2620-Scanner_120x54i2620 Scanner60 ppm/7000 pages per dayDual CCD, 100-Sheet Auto Feeder.$1,195
Kodak i2800 Scanneri2800 Scanner70 ppm/8000 pages per dayDual CCD, 100-Sheet Auto Feeder.$1,895
i2820-Scanner_120x54i2820 Scanner70 ppm/8000 pages per dayDual CCD, 100-Sheet Auto Feeder.$1,695
Kodak i2900 Scanneri2900 Scanner60 ppm/10,000 pages per daySpace-saving design; 250-sheet feeder/elevator; built-in A4 flatbed$3,495
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