• DIRECT Patient Information Exchange Outcomes” Round Table Session featured at HIMSS15


    Featured guest Mary Peelen, Director of Health Information Systems of the care provider Mental Health Center of Denver shares with HIMSS15 audience her early adoption experiences, outcomes and benefits of DIRECT Secure Messaging, implementing Kodak Alaris’ ConnectCare Structured Direct Patient Information with INOFILE solution.

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    MU2 Gaps Closing Through Direct Clinical Information Exchange


    Direct Messaging has emerged as a viable method for exchanging patient information, providing a true Continuum of Care, and electronically exchanging clinical documents. This white paper offers insight into how any size provider, with or without Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, can impact patient and provider outcomes. 

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    Providers Go Direct to Securely Accelerate Transitions of Care & Referrals


    In this paper, you'll learn how Direct works - how it can positively impact hospitals, physicians, and patients, and how it can help providers meet regulatory requirements, while securely streamlining Transitions of Care.

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    Everything Needs to Connect

    Everything Needs to Connect

    For patient document and data management, and for patient information exchange, Direct Messaging is the answer.

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    4 Advantages to infusing analytics into healthcare data

    Smarter Data

    Smarter data enables wellness health outcomes and cost reduction for self-insured employers and care providers.

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    Kodak Alaris' ConnectCare Solution, Structured Direct Patient Information with INOFILE


    • Secure Direct Messaging of standards-based patient information to ANY provider, ANY time
    • Close Transitions and Continuum of Care gaps; facilitates Transitions and Continuum of Care
    • Easy-to-implement, user-friendly cloud-based innovative INOFILE Kno2™ technology
    • Fax machine alternative with a superior, secure-send method
    • Efficiently convert structured and unstructured patient content
    • Innovative and affordable solution for any size provider

    Solution Brief

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    Implementation of the Affordable Care Act and meeting Meaningful Use (MU) requirements continues to be top-of-mind for health care providers. Care providers are under pressure to comply with mandates while controlling cost, managing patient care efficiently, offering better patient-centered care and outcomes.

    Healthcare continues to reinvent itself and to go through innovative technology transformations. Exciting advancements are being made in healthcare leading to improved management of patient information using business and clinical analytics, security, sharing and exchanging of patient information, timely transitions of care, which leads to better patient care presenting added opportunities in proactive wellness awareness and programs.

    Patient information is presented in many formats and content types – ranging from structured to unstructured; paper to digital data. The need to present information in a standard and structured format is becoming more critical for efficient exchange and use.

    Kodak Alaris' ConnectCare Solutions provides interoperability options by capturing, creating, and exchanging standards-based vital patient information.  Transforming the way your healthcare environment communicates including Direct Messaging, fax machine alternative method, enabling providers to comply with mandates and MU requirements.  Transitioning care with a foundation of world-renowned image quality and technology: hardware, software, solutions.

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