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TRACELESS System TRACELESS System The KODAK TRACELESS System is a family of products than can be used as one phase of a comprehensive end-to-end Brand Protection System. Multiple levels of security are possible using proprietary KODAK markers in conjunction with KODAK readers.
TRACELESS AD System for Antidiversion TRACELESS AD System for Antidiversion The KODAK TRACELESS AD System for Antidiversion is a highly customizable system that can help you fill your brand protection needs. Create truly invisible and long-lasting covert marks with clear security ink from Kodak. Can be used with or without a Track & Trace System and implemented using a continuous inkjet system.
KODAK Track & Trace System KODAK Track & Trace System Incorporate unique, serialized visible and invisible marks onto your products or packaging that can easily be authenticated, tracked in a database, and traced throughout the supply chain.
TRACELESS Thermal Transfer Ribbon TRACELESS Thermal Transfer Ribbon Drop-in simplicity to embed covert markers on your labels using your existing thermal printers.
TRACELESS Color Shifting Ink TRACELESS Color Shifting Ink Delivers an additional layer of overt authentication to your products. These inks can be used with TRACELESS markers to provide a double layer of protection.
KODAK TRACELESS Color CIJ System KODAK TRACELESS Color CIJ System Seamlessly incorporate an authentication mechanism into a product or package in your own facility.

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February 10,2016
KODAK’s portfolio of TRACELESS Brand Protection products has expanded to include Thermal Transfer Ribbon with KODAK TRACELESS Anywhere System
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