ACHIEVE EM Thermal Plate

Exceptional Performance at Great Value!

KODAK ACHIEVE EM Thermal Plates have been designed and optimised for customers in the emerging markets, to give you the ability to differentiate yourself over your competition. ACHIEVE EM Plates offer a highly robust and stable solution that utilises the latest technology available to provide exceptional image quality and durability. In addition, using the KODAK ACHIEVE Chemistry System* with ACHIEVE EM Plates helps to reduce spent chemistry and improves operational efficiency.

ACHIEVE EM Plates provide high resolution output and day-in and day-out consistency, exceptional press performance, and the versatility to adapt to most print conditions and run lengths. ACHIEVE EM Plates perform exceptionally well in prepress and in the pressroom, where they are rated for up to 200,000 impressions without baking. These plates, combined with the thermal imaging technology of KODAK Platesetters, deliver excellent stability and latitude in imaging, processing and on press.

KODAK ACHIEVE EM Thermal Plates are an excellent choice for high-quality commercial and publication printers, medium to long-run sheetfed and heatset web applications, and small format offset packaging printers. Delivering extraordinary sharp detail with resolutions up to 20-micron FM, as well as strong on press robustness, KODAK ACHIEVE EM Thermal Plates provide stable dot and colour reproduction, helping to reduce plate remakes and job variation.

The high quality, durability and performance of ACHIEVE EM Thermal Plates drive exceptional pressroom performance with fast and efficient makereadies, long run lengths, and stable and consistent print conditions. Printers will be able to optimise their press runs, minimise paper and ink waste and provide exceptional print results to reduce environmental impact, control cost and differentiate their business.
  • Optimized for emerging market customers
  • High performance at an effective cost
  • Differentiated quality and performance
  • Clean, efficient and cost effective operations
  • Stable and consistent imaging
  • Strong environmental positioning
  • Stability, quality, and cost savings of thermal technology
  • Fast return on investment

*KODAK ACHIEVE Plate Solution and KODAK ACHIEVE Plate Replenisher

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