TRENDSETTER Q800 Platesetter

KODAK TRENDSETTER Q800 Platesetters are built on the same trusted technology that printers have depended on for over 14 years. This 8-page CTP device provides the productivity, excellent image quality, and stability that printers need to succeed.


  • Three automation options to reduce plate making time:
    • Autoloader provides automated plate loading and unloading of up to 40 plates (0.3 mm) without slip sheets
    • Auto Unload features semi-automatic plate loading and automatic unloading to plate processor or stacker
    • Standard is semi-automatic plate loading and unloading
  • Excellent throughput: up to 42 plates per hour with Autoloader (34 plates per hour for semi-automatic and Auto Unload)

Ease of Use

  • Connectivity to KODAK Workflow Systems, including KODAK PRINERGY Workflow
  • Multi-language option with multiple operating languages
  • Autorecovery mechanism that fixes many errors with no operator intervention

Excellent Image Quality

  • TRENDSETTER Q800 Platesetters enable 450 lpi screening. Optional 20- or 10-micron KODAK STACCATO Screening creates photorealistic images.
  • 2400 dpi and 1200 dpi resolution


  • KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology is standard on every TRENDSETTER Platesetter, providing accurate, stable, repeatable imaging for fewer plate remakes, fewer adjustments in prepress, and exceptional print quality.

Supports Your Sustainability Goals

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TRENDSETTER Q800 Platesetter
TRENDSETTER Q800 Platesetter
with semi-automatic plate
loading and unloading

TRENDSETTER Q800 Platesetter with Auto Unload
TRENDSETTER Q800 Platesetter
with Auto Unload

TRENDSETTER Q800 Platesetter with Autoloader
TRENDSETTER Q800 Platesetter
with Autoloader

KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology

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