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KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology

KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology is Kodak’s award-winning thermal imaging technology, available only in KODAK Platesetters. SQUARESPOT Technology allows printers to reach a higher level of stability, accuracy, and reliability in their printing operation.

Stability leads to consistency in prepress, which in turn leads to efficiency and cost savings. SQUARESPOT Technology adds stability by producing precise and robust halftone dots that are less susceptible to variations in plate, processor, and environmental conditions than other thermal or violet imaging technologies.

Accuracy is important for consistent, repeatable high quality printing and wide color gamut. SQUARESPOT Technology is built around 10000 dpi laser technology for commercial printing and 5000 dpi laser technology for newspaper printing to provide the most accurate imaging.

SQUARESPOT Technology also delivers exceptional reliability. Redundancy and blended laser illumination allow the platesetter to keep working even if a laser fails, and there is no risk of emitter failure or individual pixel failure.

  • 10000 dpi for commercial printing, 5000 dpi for newspaper printing
  • KODAK Platesetters with SQUARESPOT Technology help reduce chemistry usage, plate waste, remakes, makeready times, compromised color, and premature plate wear
  • KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology minimizes the impact of fluctuations during the developer lifecycle and keeps dot area within manufacturing tolerances of +/-2%. Open this demo and use the slider at the bottom to see the impact that processing variations have on dot areas, comparing plates imaged with SQUARESPOT Technology and two different Gaussian imagers.
  • Dynamic autofocus technology tracks the surface of the plate to maintain exact laser focus, exposure, and pixel size as the drum rotates. This technology enables stable and consistent imaging, even if there are slight variations in the surface of the plate.
  • Automatic temperature compensation makes minor adjustments to the scale of the image on the plate to compensate for plate expansion due to ambient temperature fluctuations. Imaging is consistent in a wide range of temperatures
  • Every CTP device is calibrated to the same standard, so plates can be used from different platesetters in different locations with consistent results
  • Increased uptime because there is no risk of emitter failure or individual pixel failure, even if a laser fails
  • Backed by Kodak’s world-class service and support organization


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