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Unleash your Creativity 

Learn how KODAK NEXPRESS customers are creating unique campaigns with KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions.  Learn first hand how NexPress customers are increasing response rates  by 20X. The only boundaries with digital print, are the limits of your own creativity!  View video now. 




Fifth Imaging Unit Brochure – Distinguish Your Business  

Direct mail, brochures, photo books and other communications deliver their full visual impact and make a lasting impression when they are designed with attention grabbing images, outstanding gloss, or bold colors that jump off the page.  Learn more  


The exciting capabilities offered by KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions can help you and your clients see and feel print in a whole new way.  With the addition of these high-impact visual, tactile and added security capabilities, digital print can become even more relevant—and more profitable— than ever before.  Experience the unique solutions that only print providers with NEXPRESS Production Presses can offer.  


 Unlock your digital print potential …. With the KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press, move beyond the expected into new, more effective print communications.


Gold Solution Gold Solution Gold rush! Heighten both impact and creativity with KODAK NEXPRESS Gold Solution the most recent addition to this business-building platform. Flexible digital printing of stunning metallic gold can help drive new business and keep your customers coming back.
Dimensional Coating. Dimensional Coating. Dimensional Printing takes place inline, maintaining press productivity while creating high-impact results that grab a reader’s attention.
Red Fluorescing Red Fluorescing KODAK NEXPRESS Red Fluorescing Dry Ink is another addition to the KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Solutions portfolio. This innovative ink is clear when printed on top of images and graphics, and is virtually invisible. Ideal for security, workflow automation and 2D barcode applications
Gloss/Spot Gloss Gloss/Spot Gloss High-impact, durable prints. Glossing starts with the same KODAK NEXPRESS Clear Dry Ink used in the Coating process. After printing, sheets are run through the KODAK NEXPRESS Glossing Unit, transforming them from a satin finish to a high gloss finish.
Coating Coating Clear Dry Ink gives you the option of distinctive, inline watermarking for added security, authentication and visual appeal—even in variable print runs. A flood coat also adds durability to pieces such as direct mail.
Light Black Light Black New Light Black Ink, which produces smoother skin tones while maintaining superb detail. Ideal for photobooks and high end images for a magazine look.
Color Gamut Color Gamut Pantone PMS or Goe matching – No problem.! The standard color gamut of Kodak NexPress Digital Production Color Presses is already 20% greater than that of standard offset four-color printing. Color Gamut adds a red, green, or blue dry ink, increasing this expanded gamut an additional 16 to 22%.
MICR MICR For financial markets or other businesses looking to expand their application range into color transaction, TransPromo, or check printing, the KODAK NEXPRESS MICR Solution can provide a flexible answer.

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